Staying hydrated on a long-haul flight

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I am currently half way through my long-haul flight to New York as I write this and already applied copious amounts of hand cream and hydrating masks. However when you’re reading this, I should be somewhere in the big city, shopping no doubt. I don’t fly very often but I know the importance of staying hydrated during a flight, especially long haul.

I love skincare and masks are my favourite. I love the ease and inconvenience of them. I chose the Glam Glow hydrating mask to bring onto the plane with me. It’s a clear mask that can be left on the skin without washing it off, this is ideal when flying because you don’t want to scare anyone or have to wash it off in the loos. I applied this mask as soon as we were in the air and already put another layer on top, my skin felt like it needed an extra boost.

Before the flight I made sure I had a fresh new bottle of the Caudalie beauty elixir. This is my favourite refreshing spray and the spray seems to calm me down when I start to feel anxious. This spray also helps to hydrate and refresh the skin; I like to apply this before and after I have applied the facemask.

–Side note: We’ve just been given free mini fab ice-lollies on the plane and they are the cutest things ever.

The best way to stay hydrated is by drinking water, this may seem obvious but when your 65797ft in the air, it’s surprising that you might forget. Obviously I didn’t get to take my Just Bee* water onto the plane with me but if I could, I totally would have. As mentioned in my first summer edit, the honey water drink is ideal for staying hydrated. Blueberry is my fave. Don’t forget that once you’ve landed and to help fight the jet lag, water is your best friend.

The airplane air is harsh and can really dry out your skin, keeping your hands moisturised is another thing that most people may forget about. If your anything like me you would have copious amounts of hand sanitizer, therefore hand cream is a must. Moroccan oil hand cream is my go to.

I haven’t used these yet but I picked up a pack of the Star Skin eye catcher eye masks. Keeping your under eye area will help with jet lag and avoid looking like you haven’t slept in weeks. I have been applying the glam glow mask under my eyes on the plane but before I go to bed tonight I’m sure I will crack these out to keep my eyes refreshed and awake.

Finally a good eye mask is essential. I normally sleep with an eye mask anyway as I struggle with really bad migraines; blocking out the light helps me sleep. Even if I don’t use this on the plane I will be using this during our holiday, I’ve heard that this is ideal for fighting the jet lag.

What do you use to keep yourself hydrating during and after a long haul flight?

More New York posts to follow.



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