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Sarah Chapman is a brand that I have wanted to try for a while after hearing so many good things, I finally bit the bullet and decided to try a selection of her products in one go. She recently brought out a Facial-In-A-Box exclusive to Space NK, the box includes a few of her signature products, including the ever talked about Overnight Facial oil and her serum boosters.

Sarah Chapman has been awarded winner for best facialist for anti-aging by Harper’s Bazaar. Even through i’m only 19 and anti-aging may not be my main skincare concern, I know that for a lot of people it is. Therefore I think it’s a pretty big deal for a brand to be awarded this award because it puts trust in the brand and more people will be inclined to buy their products.

The box has a step by step guide to glowing, radiant skin and I have been following that ever since I got my mits on it. The box also covers massage techniques, which enhance the performance of the products. I have been loving all of these products and even though my skin has gone through copious amounts of stress and unhealthy eating habits these past through weeks, these products have helped me overcome a few of my main skincare concerns; Scaring, radiance and texture (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to read my skincare disclaimer)*.

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The Facial-In-A-Box includes  5 products, one being a full size product.

Ultimate Cleanse: I have been using this in the mornings mostly to refresh my skin and texture ready to start makeup. I also really like to use this at night as my second cleanse.

  1. Intense Hydrating Booster: Favourite booster at the moment. My skin is really dehydrated at the moment so this is keeping it moisturised, hydrated and radiant. One pump is really enough, the gel like serum is really hydrating so only a small amount is needed for the full face.
  2. Overnight Exfoliating Booster: Currently ran out of this *sad face*. It has been my favourite serum for night time and i’ve been using it constantly. Its amazing. This stuff really sorts out the texture and overall appearance of my skin, I still have scaring but it seems to be clearing up from using this product. Really need to buy the full size.
  3. Skin Tone Perfecting Booster: Finished this bottle too. This serum is excellent at concealing redness and uneven areas of the skin. Making the appearance seem one uniform colour.

Overnight Facial: The only full size product in the box but the best. I have been using this every night and I still have a lot left. I go between one and two pumps, depending on how much extra radiance and hydration I need. I apply this all over the face and go to bed with it on. In the morning my face feels smooth, glowy and radiant.

Absolutely in love with the Sarah Chapman range at the moment, she has completely stolen my heart when it comes to skincare and finding products that actually do what I want and that I can adapt her products to my skincare needs.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out some of her skincare range because everything that I have tried so far has been amazing and her products really do work.

I’m not off to buy the full sized boosters because I can’t be without them.

Have you tried any of the Sarah Chapman skincare range? I’ll also be having a full updated skincare routine coming soon…

Disclaimer: My skin type is normal-oily. I get oily down my T zone, but it's not noticeable or irritating. I can be dry around my jaw line and cheeks. I also have a lot of scaring from old blemishes and redness from an accident last year. My main skincare concerns are the texture of my skin, scaring and radiance.

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