National Smile Month

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I know a lot of people who are insecure of their teeth, me included. Having said that teeth are the first thing most people notice about people which makes it harder to conceal. However I have learnt that if you look after your teeth in the best way possible, there really is nothing to worry about.

From the 16th of May to the 16th of June it’s national smile month, this month targets gum disease and brings awareness to many peoples worries. I have teamed up with corsodyl to help share and raise awareness about their healthier gum campaign. I have always struggled with my teeth and it’s not until recently that I am somewhat happy with the appearance and condition of them. I had braces when I first started secondary school and before that had to have at least 4 teeth taken out. I am now trying to look after my teeth as best as I can because to be honest I hate the dentist (actually have a lil fear of it).


I was sent their Corsodyl daily cool mint mouth wash* to try and also the toothpaste*. To be completely honest the toothpaste wasn’t my favourite thing. I found it to be too strong, which almost burnt my month out. However this may be something that I need in order to help prevent gum disease. The tooth paste is designed to help with bleeding gums and bad breath. I have sensitive teeth and I think that this tooth paste was a bit too abrasive for my needs, which is a same.

The mouth wash however I do love. The cool mint flavour is nice and its alcohol free which is great for sensitivity and gum protection. This mouth wash contains Chlorhexidine Diglucognate which is for the treatment of early signs of gum disease.

The early signs of gum disease are, bleeding gums, bad breath and swollen gums. If you find your self with these symptoms or are worried about anything at all, obviously make an appointment with your dentist just to have a check up. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I am also going to be doing a post on how i’ve been getting my teeth whiter, naturally, so look out for that post coming soon.

I hope that this post has bee helpful and informative.


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