Pressing Pause

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Setting time a side each day helps me to focus on myself, relax and switch off from my working day. I have a set routine that I like to do every day, but having the time to truly pamper yourself is also really important, not only for your skin and body but also your mind and wellbeing.

In this post I am going to talk you through my personal pamper routine that I do daily, featuring some products from Soap and Glory and Mandara Spa.

Soap and Glory are a brand that I have used for years, their body scrubs and creams especially have become a firm favourite of mine when pampering my body. Having tried most of the Soap and Glory body range I was excited to try out there skincare offerings, especially the Peaches and Clean deep purifying cleanser*. This smells good enough to eat and feels so cooling on the skin. I use this cleanser as my first cleanse, to remove most of my makeup and then go in with a deeper cleanser to make sure everything is off my face. I did find that using Peaches and Clean made my skin tingle a little bit and if left on the skin for a long time it gave a burning sensation. This is why I use it to remove makeup instead of as a deep cleanse. However the scent and result of this cleanser is amazing, it makes my skin feel refreshed, soft and cleansed. This cleanser can be brought from Boots for £8 (Currently on offer for £5.33). I’m excited to see what other skincare products soap and glory have to offer.

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As I mentioned above, I love Soap and Glory body products, their body scrubs in particular are my favourite. I use a body scrub every time I shower, at the moment I’ve been using the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub*. This again smells good enough to eat, it’s enriched with oats, Shea butter, honey and Almond extracts. It’s scented with maple syrup which is amazing when used in the morning because it’s really refreshing and uplifting. But if you shower at night it’s also great because it makes you feel clean and sweet-smelling. The scrub itself isn’t harsh but it is great at getting all the dead skin cells off and making your skin feel soft. This scrub can be purchased from Boots for £8 (they’re normally on 3 for 2).

My favourite shower gel at the minute is one from Mandara Spa*, their Bali Santi Bath and Shower Cream* smells incredible. Its feels like a luxe product however it’s only £7 and is available from Sainsburys. It’s super creamy texture feels cooling and soothing on the skin, it leaves a sweet scent of coconut and yogurt, which is meant to feel like an exotic escape.

If you commute to work everyday, spending an extra couple of minutes in the shower with uplifting smelling products will help wake you up, and get you ready for the day. Either on a Sunday or Monday, when I’m not working, I like to take an extra half hour to truly relax with a book, catch up on blog posts or read my fave magazines. A calming routine to start the week off will allow your mind to be focused and more productive throughout the week. I normally struggle with sleeping, and I’m defiantly not a morning person but having a set routine each day and night helps me switch off, relax, and also helps me to focus on myself and wellbeing.

As well as making your skin feel clean and refreshed, spending a little extra time applying a body cream will help maintain moisturised and soft skin. I do admit that I am very lazy when it comes to body creams, I often forget and I hate the sticky feeling it leaves on the skin. However the Mandara Spa Body Butter with Ylang Ylang and Coconut* smells and feels amazing. It does have a bit of a sticky feeling but the cream seems to sink in quickly, therefore I hardly notice it. I like to use this one on top of fake tan to help maintain my colour because it gives a gorgeous glow to my skin and makes it look really healthy. I try to apply a body butter every other day after I’ve showered but to be honest it’s normally every Sunday when I do my full pampering routine.

Whats part of your ‘pressing pause’ routine?


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