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-Kylie Jenner Lip Kit | CANDY K-

I caved in and jumped straight on the lip kit bandwagon and aren’t I glad I did.

I managed to get hold of Candy K, the second time Kylie had more stock. I wanted to get more than one shade but wanted to try the formula first.

So is it worth the hype?

I think these kits are great, but not sure if it’s worth the £30 I paid for it. Having said that I am most probably going to be buying more.

My first impression of the kit is great, I really like the formula of the matte liquid lipstick. There creamy texture makes it super easy to apply to the lips. The lip pencil is also really creamy and soft which makes it easy to apply, giving  an even layer to the lips.

I have heard from a lot of people who have tried the kits and it seems like everyone agrees that the matte liquid lipstick can be very drying. However as these are sold as kits with a matching lip liner, Kylie has obviously made the lip liners to be really creamy to make up for the fact that the liquid lipstick is drying.


I would recommend exfoliating and moisturing your lips before you apply the kit. The liquid lipstick can settle into fine lines and make your lips look dryer than they are.

Although I don’t mind products having a scent to them, I find that the liquid lipstick smells too sweet to start with and that can put a lot of people off. The initial smell is strong but once applied to the lips and left for a bit the scent wears off and it’s unnoticeable.

How I apply the kit:

I start off with using a light exfoliator on my lips, either the lush sugar scrub or just plain sugar and oil. I then apply a thick layer of By Terry Baume De Rose lip balm onto my lips and leave it for about 3-4 mins before taking the excess off.

I then line my lips using the lip liner, I use this just around the edges of my lips. After that I take the liquid lipstick and apply it, starting in the centre of my bottom lip and moving onto the sides. I then do the same on my top lip. I also go around the edges with a bit of concealer to clean up the edges.


I only apply one thin layer and wait about 4-5 mins for it to dry. I like to wait until it’s completely dried before rubbing my lips together softly. If the lips are rubbed together too harshly it can make the liquid lipstick flake off in the centre.

Lastly, I brought Candy K expecting it to be a light nude pink shade due to all the swatches on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page, however when I first applied the kit it was a lot darker on me. I was convinced I was sent the wrong kit, until I saw another swatch and it looked similar to how it looks on me. Next time however I might purchase KoKo K as that’s the kind of shade I was hoping for with Candy K.

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Have you managed to purchase a lip kit yet? If so what do you think?


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