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Version 2 As you will all know, Instagram is my favourite social media platform. I love being creative with my photographs and I find taking the photographs really fun and exciting. I have done a few posts on my Instagram account but in my most recent post I talk you through how I take and edit my images, you can view that here.

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Blurb with the opportunity to create a book, I got the chance to choose what style of book I wanted to create. Out of all of the amazing different types of books that Blurb offers, I chose the Instagram book*. The portfolio and photography books also look amazing. IMG_2594 The process of making the Instagram book is really easy and straight forward, all you have to do it log into Instagram and select which photographs you want to import. I decided to put the images in themes and it allows you to chose where you want each photograph placed and what size you want it to be. Like the image shows below, I put all of my concert photographs together on a two page spread. I like having 4 photographs on one page but I also liked having one big picture too. Blurb allows you to customise this to what you want and I love that you can get really creative. IMG_2596 I had a few troubles actually ordering the book but that was only because they had issues at there end, but they managed to sort it all out really quickly. The delivery of the book didn’t take long at all either which I was really surprised about, it gives you an estimated date of delivery but mine came a week before which was a nice surprise. IMG_2598 I really like the idea of having a book thats full of my photographs so I can look back and remember the moments that I managed to capture. This is also a really great idea as gifts for Christmas, or I have heard that someone used this to propose to there other half which I think was such a lovely idea. Blurb offer such a wide range of styles and you can tailer them to your individual needs.

Websites such as My Voucher Codes often run discounts for blurb, so keep and eye out for them.

I will also be featuring this book in my Christmas Gift Guides which will be going up next month so make sure you are following me on bloglovin’ to keep up to date with my posts.

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