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Processed with MoldivInstagram is by far my favourite social media platform, I have done a few post’s on my favourite Insta accounts so defiantly go check them out if you need new people to follow. Here are a few of the things that I do to my images to make them ‘Instagram worthy’.


Firstly I shoot most of my Instagram photographs in the square setting on my iPhone 6, I used to shoot in the normal photo setting but this sometimes meant that I was cropping out important pieces of the photo. The only photos that I don’t shoot in square are the ones I post from my blog, which look fine when cropped into a square anyway. However the newest Instagram update allows you to post photographs of any size and it shrinks it down and adds a border to the image, I still prefer the squares though.

I did photography a level, and we learnt a lot about composition and the rule of thirds. Is the main focus of the image in the centre? Is it more to the side? Is the photo balanced? Too busy? Too boring? If you ask yourself these questions whilst setting up the photograph, I find it easier to judge what needs adding or taking away from the image. I think that composition is a huge part of taking photographs, you will be able to tell pretty much straight away if anything is unbalanced or in the wrong place.

As you can see, the pancakes in the photograph below is the main focus, but I have added in my camera and cup of tea. This makes the image more interesting and exciting to look at. I took this photograph in the square setting on my iPhone 6.

I prefer to take foodie photographs from above, I worked on the layout of the table before taking the photograph. I’m always the last one to start eating but it’s worth spending a few minutes perfecting the composition, because it really helps in achieving a gorgeous shot.

Processed with Moldiv


Colour and textures can be hard to work with, I am still trying to find the right shades and tones for my instagram. At the moment I am experimenting with different tones so I don’t have a consistent edit of photographs. However I do like my photographs to be bright, contrasted and colourful.

I try to add products with the same tones, as the photograph below the main colour is green with blue and black. I kept this image true to the main colour and edited it accordingly. I also played around with different textures, such as the wrist band, camera and polaroid picture. I like to add in multiple products that compliment each other.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Processed with MoldivTo actually edit my photographs I mainly use two apps: Picfx and VSCOcam. My go-to filters are, PFX Film: PFX 5 and PFX 15x and on VSCOcam I use F2 and occasionally T1. From the photograph above you can see just how effective a good filter can be. I used PFX 5 and F2 for the above photograph, as you can see this made the overall image a lot brighter, sharper and clearer. I only add one or two, at most, filters to my photographs -I do the rest on Instagram. I normally tweak the brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows until I am happy with it.

I’d say that I don’t really have a theme to my Instagram, I just use the same filters and most of my photographs are makeup and beauty related. I am starting to add in some more makeup selfies and pictures of my makeup work onto my feed too. I use the app Moldiv to but my selfies together, I love that you can flip and rotate the images as well as change the layouts and how zoomed in you want the photographs.

Processed with Moldiv

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