Aurelia Miracle Cleanser

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If you’ve been a reader of WLL for a while now, you will know that Oskia Renassiance Cleansing gel has been my go to cleanser and I have repurchased it countless times. However last month I wanted to change up my skincare routine, I found that the products that I’ve been using weren’t making a massive difference to my skin because I’d used them constantly. -Sometimes it’s good to change a few things in your routine to target different areas of the skin and to see visible changes.

I went into Space NK to have a chat with the makeup consultants about which cleanser they would advise. I had an idea of what I wanted to get but wanted expert advise to clarify my decision. The lovely lady in store suggested the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser (£34) and as soon as I tried a bit on the back of my hand I was hooked.

I normally reach for gel cleansers, like Oskia Renassiance or foam cleansers, which I use with my Clarisonic. Aurelia Miracle Cleanser is a cream cleanser, which I was a bit sceptical about using to start with. I now use this cleanser in the evenings and in the mornings. The formula is soft and it glides onto the skin effortlessly, breaking down the dirt and makeup.

I use this cleanser with my clarisonic at night, removing the residue with a warm muslin cloth –this cleanser comes with one too. In the mornings I just use a small amount of this and remove it straight away with the cloth. Making sure the water isn’t too hot or cold.

I have normal to dry skin and this cleanser has helped to hydrate my skin, it also makes my skin feel so soft and clean. Miracle Cleanser is for all skin types, including sensitive and I would recommend it to everyone, it’s soothing, hydrating and gives a radiant glow to the skin.

I am currently lusting over their Revitalise and Glow Serum

Have you tried anything from Aurelia?


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