Nars Lip Pencil Collection


Nars lip pencils aren’t something I ever thought i’d collect, or even love as much as I do. I received the Nars Digital World Lip Coffret for christmas last year and recently added 3 more shades to my collection. I have 7 pencils altogether, 5 satin finishes and 2 matte shades.

I love the finish of the Satin lip pencils because they feel really comfortable on the lips and last so long on the lips. The matte shades however are extremely hydrating and soft, I was scared to try the matte shades because I thought that they would be too drying but they are creamier than I expected. They still last on the lips a long time as the colour locks onto the lips to prevent it from smudging.


My favourite shade from my collection is defiantly Descanso, it is now the smallest pencil because I use it all the time. Even though this shade is a Satin finish, it lasts forever on the lips. The colour locks onto the lips and I only have to reapply it once or twice throughout the day. Descanso is a pinky nude, a ‘my lips but better’ colour. I always reach for this pencil when I want a really easy nude lip.

My second fave has to be Biscayne Park, I brought this one at IMATS in the summer because it was the closest shade to Descanso (which I think was limited edition *sobs*). Biscayne Park is the full size lip pencil whereas the others are smaller because they came in gift sets. Descanso has more pink in it, whereas Biscayne Park is more nude. To get the same sort of shade as Descanso I just add more layers.



Top-Bottom: Biscayne Park- Satin lip pencil, Descanso- Satin lip pencil, Torres Del Paine- Satin lip pencil, Iberico- Velvet Matte lip pencil, Cruella- Velvet Matte lip pencil, Rikugien- Satin lip pencil, Yu- Satin lip pencil.

The shade Rikugien is another favourite and one of the newest. Think of a mixture between soar lip pencil and Velvet teddy by mac, and you have Rikugien. It is a satin finish but I prefer them.

I can’t wait to buy more shades for my collection because it’s all I’ve been reaching for recently.

Have you ever tried Nars Lip Pencils?


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