The Sunday Post | Trying To Eat Healthily

I have decided to bring back the Sunday posts, I thought seeing as I have more time on my hands over the summer with university finishing until September, that I would bring back one of my favourite type of posts. A weekly update! This month I have started to eat healthily, work out a lot more and just prepare for my holiday which is coming up at the end of this month. 
Here’s a few meals, snacks and breakfast ideas i’ve been loving from each day of this week. 
Monday | Dinner: Chicken and pepper pasta. Tuesday | Smoothie: Frozen Strawberries, banana, blueberries and grape with milk and vanilla yogurt. Wednesday | Dinner: Chicken, Lettuce and veg with Sweet Potato fries. Thursday | Breakfast: Frozen grapes and Weetabix. Friday | Breakfast: Chicken Caesar Salad from Pizza Express. Saturday | Lunch: Avocado and Halloumi salad.

If you want to see any recipes for any of these meals then please let me know and ill happily do that for you.

Thanks for reading,
check back tomorrow for a new post.

Lucy xxx


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