Streamlining your travel skincare kit

This weekend I am going to London and because I am only going for one night I didn’t want to pack a lot of stuff. I find that my skincare and makeup take up a lot of space in my suitcase and I wanted to make my travel skincare kit more streamline. Here are my tips to streamlining your travel skincare kit.
Decant: Decanting your cleansers, moisturisers, eye creams and toners can save you so much space. I recently picked up this stack of 5 acrylic pots from Muji (£2.50) and it is ideal for decanting your daily routine into. I have my AM cleanser, SPF, moisturiser, eye cream and night balm all in one stack instead of 5 separate bottles. 
I have also added my PM cleanser into a squeeze bottle which I also picked up from Muji (£1.50). I have decanted my favourite toner into a spray bottle which was also from Muji (£2.50).
Samples: Samples are a great way to streamline your travel skincare kit. It gives you the opportunity to try new skincare or just travel with your favourite products. I have a sample of Ren Night cream which I have been loving recently and also Drink Up intensive mask by Origins. 

Miniatures: Mini sizes of your favourite products are ideal for travel. I have a couple of miniatures which I love. Bioderma has been a favourite of mine for a while now and I always decant some from my bigger bottle into the smaller sized one.
Facial sprays are also one of my favourite steps in my skincare and I normally use the body shop’s vitamin E facial spray but that is too big to travel with so this miniature size of Jurlique Rose Water is a great alternative.
I can’t be without a mini deodorant in my handbag or travel skincare kit. They are ideal for travel and especially on hot days when you need a pick me up to cool yourself down.

I hope you have found this post helpful, are you going anywhere where you need to streamline your travel skincare kit?

Thanks for reading,

Lucy xxx


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