My Guide To: Salcombe

Salcombe is my favourite place in the United Kingdom, having grown up going down to Devon on family holidays I feel like i’ve visited Salcombe enough times to give you my favourite places to visit, where to get the best scampi and chips, and of course the best spots to just chill and enjoy the view.
If you travel by car to Salcombe, parking can be a nightmare unless you know where the car parks are. The first couple of times we visited Salcombe we thought the only place to park was right in the town centre, where they have about 20 parking spaces max. We’ve recently discovered a couple of car parks, whether your looking for a long stay and short stay, theirs two car parks hidden away just left of the town centre. I recommend finding them and walking into the centre as it’s no more than a 5 minute walk. 
Theres quite a few places to visit for food. For the best scampi and chips I would highly recommend The Kings Arms which is located on the sea front, you can sit inside or out and they have cute fairy lights, opposite this there is The Victoria Inn which is lovely during the summer as they have a beer garden round the back. The Ferry Inn is also really nice to go to during summer as they have an outdoor area that backs onto the sea, with gorgeous views. The Ferry Inn is located at the top of the hill, past all of the shops but it is worth the walk. 
The Ferry Inn
Salcombe has a mixture of boutique shops, high street stores and hidden away book shops. Amelia’s Attic is my favourite store to visit in Salcombe. It is run by Cheska Hulls mum from Made In Chelsea, she is so so lovely and very friendly. The store sells gorgeous jewellery, stunning dresses and Salcombe branded things, I love this shop a lot. Highly recommend visiting. 
Susie Watson Designs is also another gorgeous boutique shop, it sells home wear. I would love to one day buy everything from this shop and redecorate my home.
Salcombe is also well-known for the Jack Wills store as it’s the main flagship store, however it is a very small shop and can sometimes feel overwhelming, worth a visit though as it has some amazing pieces in there. 
As well as the one off boutique stores there is also a Boots, Cath Kidston, White Stuff and Crew Clothing
And of course, the best sweet shop, Cranch’s. I always pick up a pick ‘n’ mix from here and I personally only like it because the shop is pink. 

Salcombe is beautiful and it’s my favourite place to chill, relax and enjoy the stunning views. Whilst driving down into the town centre the view across the sea onto the beach is so beautiful, the water always looks so clear and refreshing. My favourite spot to destress and think about nothing is at the top of the hill, walking past all of the shops, past The Ferry inn there is a little area with a few benches. I like to sit up there and enjoy the scenery, I could sit up there for hours on a hot summers day and really relax looking out to sea. The view is truly beautiful. 

Have you ever visited Salcombe? Do you want to? 
Thanks for reading, 
Lucy xxx

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