Top 5 Cleansers

I  have tried and tested a lot of cleansers, so I thought I’d narrow down my top 5 for you! I like to use a different cleanser for different things, depending on how much makeup I am wearing and what condition my skin is in. 

A staple cleanser that I always go back to is Bioderma (£10.20), I specifically use this for eye makeup, it just gets rid of everything on the eyes. I don’t use this to cleanse my skin as such, I tend to use this one more in the mornings to wake my skin up and feel refreshed. I use this with cotton wool pads.  

Lancôme gel éclat cleanser (£23) is a foaming cleanser and I use this with my Clarasonic Mia 2 (£125). I find it works best with my clarisonic to give a deep cleanse, I use this when I’m wearing a lot of makeup and when my skin just needs a really deep cleanse. 

Superdrug naturally radiant hot cloth cleanser (£5.99) is more budget friendly and is actually really nice. It also smells so good and fresh, I haven’t used this cleanser in a while but when I do it leaves my skin feeling super soft and radiant. I use this when I have baths (back at home) even though it’s really cheap, it’s the one I reach for most when having a pamper evening. This also comes with its own muslin cloth to remove the makeup with.

Eve Lom cleanser (£55) is most definitely not budget friendly, this is really expensive but is amazing at exfoliating the skin as well as cleansing. I used this when I had my accident, it got rid of old dead skin on my face without irritating it. My mum also uses this cleanser and she also really enjoys it. You massage this into the whole face and it turns into an oil like consistency, using a muslin cloth and warm water to remove the makeup with. 

My newest find, and dare I say, my favourite cleanser of all time? Oskia Renassance cleansing gel (£28), if you’ve been round these parts for a while you will know that I LOVE gel products, primers, moisturisers, serums, the lot. But I have never tried a gel cleanser before, like the eve Lom cleanser this turns into a oil/milky consistency when massaged into the skin. I use a muslin cloth to remove the makeup with.

Thanks for reading, 
Lucy xxx


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