Mac X Cinderella Collection

I don’t think i’ve ever got a Mac collection before so when Mac announced they were releasing a Cinderella collection I got extremely excited. Cinderella has always been my favourite disney princess, when I was 6 years old my parents took me and my sister to Disney Land Florida and although I don’t remember much of the trip, the one thing I do remember is meeting Cinderella. My mum actually brought me the dress, wig, bag, shoes, wand and necklace, (which I still have somewhere) so obviously I dressed up as the princess herself and met Cinderella. That evening in Florida it was firework night so whilst I was queuing up with my mum I could hear fireworks going off, It felt truly magical, (even though I was petrified of fireworks when I was younger and more than likely started to cry).My 6 year old self is so excited to get hold of the Mac Cinderella collection. Mac has always been my favourite makeup brand so to be able to combine my two favourite things is actually mind blowing, i’m just so excited. -Can you tell?

I was finally able to purchase 5 things from the collection after nearly having a breakdown because everything I wanted had sold out on line. Harrods actually saved the day and I was able to pick out a few things i’d been lusting over. Stroke of Midnight eyeshadow palette (£38.50), Macroviolet Fludline (£17), Mystery Princess beauty powder (£23), Royal Ball lipstick (£17) and Evil Step Mother pigment (£18.50).

Stroke of Midnight eyeshadow palette has 6 shades, 5 of which are actually permeant mac shades. Vapour, Phloof, Omega, Quarry and Satin Taupe are the permeant shades, Stroke of Midnight is the limited edition shade. This palette has disappointed quite a few people because it only has one limited edition shade but I really like this palette. I do however have 2 of the shades (omega and quarry) in my mac palette already but I love that I can just travel with this one palette and have a wide variety of neutral shadows. T-B: Vapour, Phloof, Omega, Quarry, Satin Taupe, Stroke of Midnight

I have a bit of an obsession with purple at the moment so I chose Macroviolet fluidline instead of the black/grey one they also have in the collection. As you can see I have already started to use the fluidline, I absolutely love the shade of it, and not having used a mac fluidline before I was really impressed with how much pigment it has and how long the product lasted on the eyes. 
For this look I used, Macroviolet fluidline, Satin Taupe all over the lids, Quarry through the crease and Phloof in the inner corners to highlight. I also used Mystery Princess beauty powder to highlight my cheekbones, and Royal Ball lipstick over Mac Hip ‘n’ Happy lip liner (£12.50)

Following on the purple theme, I also picked up Evil Stepmother pigment. This is really pigmented and a little product really does go along way. I haven’t really had the chance to experiment with the pigment yet but I am excited to create a look using it. 
Highlighters is something that I don’t have many of in my collection but recently I have become obsessed with a bit of highlighter. I was excited to get the beauty powder as it just looks so stunning. It’s gives a gorgeous glow to the skin, this can be applied all over the skin as a setting powder or as a highlighter on the cheekbones, I use it as a highlighter mostly. And lastly, Royal ball lipstick. In the collection theres two lipsticks; Royal ball and Free as a butterfly, they are both lustre finishes meaning they are really sheer but the colour can be build able. I went for the more pinker shade as the second one looked like it could wash me out and be too pale. I love this shade, and I will be sad when I run out because i’m sure it’s going to be a staple in my routine. 
The packaging of this collection is just absolutely beautiful, I love the light baby blue with the purple, pink and silver iridescent sparkle running through it. The gold edges make it so much more luxurious and princess like. If you can’t get hold of any of the collection via the website, try harrods (In store or over the phone) or visit a Mac store. The collection came out in stores Friday 13th and online Friday 6th, it is also exclusive to Harrods so they still might have stock left. 
Will you be picking anything up from the Cinderella collection? 
Thanks for reading, 
Lucy xxx
p.s I’m also really excited to go and see the new film. 

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