Healthy Eating

This is something that i’ve never spoken about here on WLL but I thought it was time to discuss the one topic I have a love hate relation with, healthy eating. Being at university I find it really hard to be healthy and actually cook meals from scratch instead of just chucking a pizza in the oven for quickness. I’ve found myself becoming really lazy and tired all of time meaning I will just put something in the oven or even order takeaways, and I’m starting to feel really sick of the foods that i’m eating.
As summer is approaching and i’m starting to plan holidays I want to feel confident in myself to be able to go on holiday and be in bikinis. The reason I have a love hate relationship with the topic of healthy eating is because I will start to eat healthy and really enjoy it but then one night I just don’t want to cook anything and I go back to square one again. This time however I am determined to stick to it and cut down on all the fatty, sugary foods I’ve been consuming. 
My main inspiration to start this properly has been Pinterest, I love pinning photographs of food and even the simplest salad can look amazing on Pinterest. You can search for almost any type of food, recipe, diet etc and I have found it really helpful to see meals in front of me that inspire me to cook them. 
During my easter break when I go back home I might start doing food diary’s on here, so I can document what i’m eating and it will encourage me to eat healthy because I don’t want a picture of a pizza on here one night instead of a home cooked meal. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see this. 
What are your experiences with eating healthily? Any tips on how to get out of this junk food rut i’ve got myself into? 
Thanks for reading, 
Lucy xxx

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