Nars Digital World Lip Coffret

From top to bottom: Descanso (Satin), Torres Del Palne (Satin), Yu (Satin), Iberlco (Matte) and Cruella (Matte).

I have always wanted to try Nars lip pencils after hearing so many good reviews and recommendations from other bloggers. When Nars released their christmas limited edition collection I immediately wanted to get their lip coffret. My best friend actually got me this set for christmas and I was so happy to receive it as a gift. Sadly as this is a limited edition product, they are no longer available to purchase but a couple of the shades are not limited edition shades and can be found on the Nars website
My favourite shade from the set is Descanso, this is a shade that I wear almost everyday. It is a satin formula which means that it’s semi matte, once applied it goes glossy and wet looking. I was really impressed with the staying power of these pencils, the satin ones last on the lips for ages, once the glossiness has worn off the colour lingers around on the lips for some time. I wore Yu which is a bight pink, when I went on a night out and when I got back home I couldn’t get the colour off my lips. It eventually came off the next day but I did have to scrub at it. 
I haven’t tried the matte ones for a long period of time but when I tried them to test the colours they felt smooth and not drying at all. Matte lipsticks and pencils scare me a bit because I don’t want them to dry out my lips (which are already quite dry) but these pencils are really moisturising. 
The size of the lip pencils in this set are not that much smaller than the original lip pencils, and I can see these lasting me quite some time. To sharpen these pencils I use my Charlotte Tilbury pencil sharpener because it has a hole which fits these pencils nicely without damaging the product. 
Overall I really like these lip pencils and I can see myself buying more and more of them. 
Have you ever tried the Nars lip pencils? 
Thanks for reading, 
Lucy xxx

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