Be Right Back

Right now I will probably be sunbathing by the pool drinking Pimms, as I am currently in Turkey for 2 weeks. I decided last minute not to take my laptop with me and just be internet free for 2 weeks –Well unless I find wifi, I can’t promise anything–  Therefore I thought that I would take a break from blogging for a while, I have blogged every other day throughout July and I think that it’s important to have a break from things for a while. 
2 weeks sounds like a long time but I will be back with holiday photographs no-doubt and more exciting posts. In the mean time don’t forget to read Thursday’s post, and catch up on all the blog posts I posted throughout July. You can also follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with posts and what i’m up to on holiday -Like I said I can’t promise anything if I can’t find wifi.

See you in 2 weeks, 
Lucy xxx 

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