The Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

Before I get things started the first thing I would say, if your like me and have dry skin, the foundation can cling to the dry areas, but with a good daily moisturiser that can be avoided (I use Origins Ginzing moisturiser FYI).
That being said, I enjoy wearing this foundation a lot. I have the shade 20 Beige and although this was a perfect match for me when I brought it, it is sadly now a bit too tanned for me as I’m still embracing my winter skin tone. When I have a tan during summer this shade will be perfect for me. The shade range with this foundation is what lets it down, it doesn’t have many shades to offer and they are all targeted towards the same skin tone. If you are any paler than me at the moment you may struggle to find a shade that matches as I think 10 Beige would be my perfect winter shade.
Vitalumiere Aqua is a water based foundation –Hence the name Aqua- it feels incredibly light on the skin, almost feeling like you have nothing on. It gives a gorgeous flawless finish; the coverage can vary from really sheer to a medium coverage as you can build on top, for your own coverage preference.
As I mentioned above, this foundation is lightweight but it does let your natural oils come through and oiler skin types have been warned to stay clear. But fear not I have heard that the newest Chanel foundation Perfection Lumiere Velvet is for the oiler skinned gals. 

Have you tried this foundation? 

Lucy xxx

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