New things: Not another beauty haul

As you can tell I’m feeling pretty spendy this month, as I am back today with another beauty haul. A rather smaller haul than last weeks. Thank goodness. This time I headed straight for a space NK, after many months drawling over their website and just ‘window shopping’, I finally brought something. -alright ok, two things.
First on my list was the This works deep sleep, stress less 10ml (£12). I’m known for being able to sleep forever, through anything and everything, but recently I’ve been struggling in the sleep department. It’s been many weeks of only getting a maximum of 5-6 hours of sleep a night, some might say that’s a lot and others not enough; for me it’s no where near enough hours. I brought the roller ball to see if this stuff actually works and if it does I’m sure to be buying the matching pillow spray. Goodbye exhausted feeling eyes.
After grabbing myself a little sample of the Laura merciere original foundation primer travel size (£19) the other week in Liberty, I have found myself lusting over the actual product. I brought the travel size because I’ve been travelling quite a bit recently and this is so handy to just through into my makeup bag. Review coming soon.
After Space NK I went into boots (again) and managed to pick up two new things. Firstly I needed a new concealer because the concealer that I’m currently using (collection lasting perfection) is a bit too dark for me at the moment, so I have gone back to my trusty Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in 100 ivory (£5.49), as this is a shade I know works really well on my skin during winter/spring time. 
This is a newbie as I’m not one for using hair products a lot, I find some to weigh my hair down and sometimes I forget to even use them. But this one will hopefully break the spell. I’ve heard good reviews about Loreal Studio Line #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray 200ml (£3.79) and some say it’s a dupe for the ever famous orbrie. I’ll feedback on what I think. 
That is all from my haul this week, and because I’ve spent up all my pennies this month, march is going to be my ‘no money month’ where I’m going to shop my stash, use what I already have and work with what I’ve got. I’ll hopefully be back to my shopaholic self in April where I’ve planned to go shopping in London for the day when I’ve saved all my pennies.  
Thanks for reading, Lucy xxx

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