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So some of you may know that I have my own YouTube channel and I have uploaded two videos in total since August, which is a complete fail. But I’ve been having a constant battle with myself to record more but being on my own was really hard, I found myself being overly self-conscious and really shy. I have major confidence issues and this was not helping the matter of actually sitting down to record a video, so I kept putting it off. But me and my friend Victoria have been speaking for a while now about starting a YouTube channel together and this brings me onto our new channel T ‘n’ L which stands for Tori and Lucy. We hope to make beauty related videos and also throw in some tags and challenges. We’ve already uploaded two videos and I feel a lot more confident knowing I have someone to share this experience with, I don’t really feel out of my comfort zone anymore because it doesn’t really feel like we’re talking to a camera, it feels normal. We hope to upload a new video every Monday between 9 and 11am. Until then check out our videos, and subscribe whilst your there.
Welcome to our channel and Get to know us tag! 

Winter Must Haves

We hope you enjoy our videos, stay tuned for The Chubby Bunny Challenge on Monday, It’s a funny one. 
Lots of love Lucy xxx

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