Happy new year to you all, I hope 2014 is kind to you and that you have a great one. 
Well last year was a complete whirlwind, it’s gone so fast i’ve hardly had time to stop for a moment and take everything in. Like most years I’ve had some amazing highs and not so great lows. 
My biggest achievement in 2013 is actually picking up the courage to start this blog. At times it’s been stressful but it’s made me become more patient and to be calm when certain pictures or words don’t come out the way I want them to the first time. I have learnt to take things in my stride and not to force anything too much. If something doesn’t go the way you planned the first time, relax, practise a few times, try different things, start again. I’ve also learnt not to take life so seriously -Which I know is easier said than done. I’ve been on some amazing adventures and visited some incredible places and I feel incredibly lucky to have such awesome friends and family. 
My highlights of 2013!
 Sisters Graduation

 Me and my dad on Boxing Day


 Little Black Dress Exhabition

 Disney land 

 Disney Land

Teen awards in London with my cousin

London with my best friend Victoria

I’ve got some amazing things lined up for 2014 and I can’t wait to see what this year brings. 
What are your highlights from 2013?
Lucy xxx

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