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L-R: Revlon Lip Butter ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ Maybelline Baby lips ‘Cherry Me’ Maybelline Baby Lips ‘Peach Kiss’ Maybelline Colour sensational ‘Delicate Pearl’ 
I’ve been online shopping and searching for good bargains this week and I am really happy with what I have found and brought. 
I went a little crazy on lip products this week and brought 4 new additions to my collection. Again I am very very late on the bandwagon here but this is my first Revlon Lip Butter. I know I know, where have I been? I got the shade ‘strawberry shortcake’ just because the name of it is so adorable I couldn’t resist. However I haven’t fully used it yet because my love for the ‘Cherry Me’ baby lips has been way too strong to change. Though I will be reviewing the Lip butter soon. 
Moving onto the new love of my life the Maybelline baby lips. (I did a review on the full collection here.) I haven’t yet used ‘Peach Kiss’ but as this is a Haul post I still thought I should add it in. ‘Cherry Me’ is just my favourite autumnal/fall shade so be expecting to see this feature quite a lot in future posts. 
My next lip product purchase (what a mouthful that is to say) is the Maybelline Colour sensational lipstick. I got the colour ‘Delicate Pearl’. Confession time, I brought this online and did not expect it to be this colour. I thought it would be a nude shade and not a light pink/gloss shade. Very disappointed but I will still give it a whirl and see what I think. 
After my crazy sludge on lip products I headed to skincare. My love for the Decleor Aroma night balm is still as strong as it used to be, I just can’t bring myself round to try anything else. I have reviewed this product here and here. It’s that amazing (In my opinion) that I have raved about it twice. 
I have however ventured into the world of Origins. I have heard a lot about this brand and I was itching to try some things out from there. I got a sample of the Super spot remover and I loved it, it worked wonders on my skin, so I went and brought the full bottle. At £14 it is quite pricy but I can assure you it does what it says on the tin. (Review soon)
Now here comes the real bargain. ‘The Fashion Book’ I have been wanting this book for quite some time now but I just couldn’t bring myself round to spending that much for a book. (£27 from http://uk.phaidon.com/store/fashion-culture/the-fashion-book-9780714838083/) Here comes the best bit. I volunteer in a charity shop on a Saturday morning and this book just caught my eye. I went to get it and I was so shocked to find it just sitting there. I brought it straight away at £1.50 I don’t mind that someones used it before me. It’s in good condition and to be honest I am thrilled to have it in my life. 
I hope you like this little haul post. Do you go searching for little bargains everywhere?
Lucy xxx


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