I have been to France many times as a child (mainly disney land as I danced there 5 times including the parade -This is something I am quite proud of) and it has been nearly 6 years since we last visited Mickey and Minnie. My dream was to go back when I turned 16 but that didn’t quite happen so when I mentioned it to my sister just before summer this year we decided the time has come to venture back to the world of magic and happiness.

Hotel Monte Carlo

We stayed in the centre of Paris in a very small but cute hotel called ‘Hotel Monte Carlo’. The staff we’re so so lovely and they even spoken English so we didn’t have the hassle of trying to understand them in French. The room was small but we didn’t spent that much time in there so we didn’t mind, It was very clean and well kept, (An amazing budget hotel).

After a well deserved sleep on the first night after our many train journeys and long walks, we woke up full of energy, ready to escape to a world of dreams, magic and happiness.

Mickey, Buffy Bear and Goofy <3
Disney was incredible, I spent the whole day acting like a 5 year old again, getting so excited when Mickey or any other character looked my way or when I bumped into one of the characters walking around the park. Disney land has always been my favourite place, just being able to be happy and feel so much joy and excitement in one day is amazing.
“Everybody knows your name Woodyyyyyyyyyyyyy”
When I was younger I used to dress up as Jessie (I had the shirt, trousers, hat and doll haha) and I said “Everybody knows your name Woodyyyyyyyyy” all the time. I thought I would someday become apart of ‘woody’s roundup gang’, so when I finally got to meet Jessie I was a little bit excited and very happy to finally meet her. (aha i’m such a big kid).
  I have found the picture of me dressed up at Jessie when I was younger, so here you go! 

Cinderella and her Prince Charming
Cinderella has always been my favourite disney princess, I remember when I was 6 my mum and dad took me to Florida to meet her, I was so excited my mum brought me the dress, gloves, tiara, wig, bag, shoes, wand and necklace (I still have these knocking around in the loft somewhere). I looked exactly like her and I felt like the prettiest princess ever, she was so lovely and I remember meeting her like it was yesterday. I’ve always believed in happily ever afters and I just hope one day my Prince charming will come. (Cheesy but let me dream). 
‘Lovers bridge’ opposite the Notre Dame 

I’ve always wanted to visit this bridge as I find it extremely romantic and cute, one day I wish to come back and add a padlock to this bridge myself.
I had a really good time in Paris and it was so lovely to get away from everything and venture out on new and exciting adventures. 
Have you ever been to Paris? Or anywhere else in France? I’d love to know as I’m sure I’ll be going back in the future and would love to know where to go next. 
Toodle Pip,
Lucy xxx
P.S I am going to do a ‘Paris Haul’ video and blog post as soon as I can so follow me on Bloglovin’ here so you don’t miss out. 
Love to you all xx

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