Haul | The Body Shop

I wanted to just have a quick look in The body shop and I ended up spending a bit more than I wanted to, oopies…
I went to get a bar of grapefruit soap because I love the smell of grapefruit so much, it’s so sweet and fresh. I went to pay for one bar of soap and the women said ‘do you want another one for a pound’ I just could not resist this offer but as usual I panicked and picked another grapefruit one up, I wish I picked a different scent as it would have been good to try different ones. 
Also the women asked me if I wanted to join their new ‘Love your body’ reward card, and again I just could not resist this offer. You have to pay £5 for the card, but you receive 10% off all the products even sale and discounted offers, a £5 gift on your birthday (and as my birthday is one week today I had to get the card to receive a free pampering treat for my birthday) you also receive a hand wash which is worth £5 when you buy the card. I thought this little card would be used a lot in the future and it is a great investment for all you body shop lovers out there. 
Lucy xxx


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