April Favourites

1- Estee Lauder ‘Take It Way’ Total makeup remover
2- Decleor Paris Aroma Cleanse ‘Cleansing Mousse’
3- Yankee Candle in the scent ‘Strawberry Buttercream’
4- Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in the shade ’20 Beige’
5- Topshop nail varnishes in the colours ‘Milkshake’ and ‘Boy Next Door’
6- Lucky Charms Cereal 
7- They’re Real Benefit Mascara 
8- Real Technique Brushes 
9- Chocolate cream frappuccino from starbucks
I have realised that I did not put this post up last week and I am very, very sorry about that but I have been so busy I haven’t had time to stop and write a post for all you lovely people, so I am posting my April Favourites now. 
Hope you enjoy! 
Face: ‘Estee Lauder ‘Take It Way’ Total makeup remover’ so I have been using this makeup remover throughout April because I have been traveling a lot and this fits perfectly in my makeup bag. It makes my skin feel soft and fresh once my all of my makeup is off. It’s just a really lovely product to have in your makeup bag. 
Decleor Paris Aroma Cleanse ‘Cleansing Mousse’ again I have been using this cleansing mousse throughout april because it is small and fits in my makeup bag nicely. I love this product it really cleans my skin and makes my face feel lovely after i’ve used it. 
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in the shade ’20 Beige’. Ooooooooooo yes Chanel. Very pricy I must admit but I have been loving this foundation the past month so it just had to go into my monthly favourites. It is a water based foundation. I have ‘normal’ skin. That means my skin isn’t dry or oily it’s just normal, so I find that it’s better for normal skin. I find that it stays on all day and gives a lovely smooth finish. I absolutely love this foundation at the minute.
They’re Real Benefit Mascara, so everyone’s been raving and reviewing this mascara recently so I thought I should give it a go as well. I love it, it gives a lot of definition and volume to your lashes, I tend to wear this mascara when i’m going out for meals or just out at night time because it is a very ‘party’ lash mascara. 
Real Technique Brushes: I am loving my new set of brushes at the minute, these real technique brushes are so soft and are amazing at applying foundation, blusher, eyeshadow, bronzer etc. I defiantly recommend everyone getting these brushes. 
A few random favourites: Yankee Candle in the scent ‘Strawberry Buttercream’. Wow! is all I have to say for this product. The smell is absolutely delicious, if you LOVE sweet things (like I do) this candle is the one for you, it is very sweet and just by reading the name you can see that it smells like strawberries. ooooooh my fave. 
Topshop nail varnishes in the colours ‘Milkshake’ and ‘Boy Next Door’. I’m new to all of these Topshop nail varnishes and I have to say these are my only two. ahhh I need more they are so good and chip free for about 3-4 days which is all I need to keep me happy. I normally get a calgel manicure on my nails but it is £20 every 3 weeks and it was getting a bit too much so I’m having a break from the manicures for a bit and moving onto nail varnishes again. Currently I have been wearing the ‘milkshake’ on (which is the pastel pink colour) and I am loving it. Great for summer. 
Lucky Charms Cereal: Ok i’m not a massive breakfast lover, I never really eat breakfast BUT wow Lucky Charms have changed my mood about breakfast, I could never find anything that I wanted or didn’t make me feel sick in the morning, but surprisingly Lucky Charms are my new favourite breakfast cereal. If you don’t know what Lucky Charms are they are a breakfast cereal FULL of sugar, with marshmallows in. If that hasn’t made you run out to an American sweet store I don’t know what will. They are really pricy because they are an American cereal and sadly are not sold in the UK. But because my parents have been making me eat breakfast for the past 16 years now they are willing to spend a little bit extra on cereal for me to eat.. Aww bless! 
Chocolate cream frappuccino from starbucks: Who knew summer would FINALLY arrive? Last weekend me and my sister ventured out in the sun to go and get a starbucks. A Chocolate cream frappuccino is my favourite ever drink from starbucks and it is just amazing in the summer because it’s a cold drink and cools you down nicely.. Drool I want one now. 
Hope you’ve enjoyed my April Favourites.. 
My May wish list will be up sometime this week, yay 🙂 
Comment, like, share if you have enjoyed this post. Have a great week lovelies. 
Much Love, 


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