My First Photography Exhibition

Well this is exciting, my first ever lifestyle post.
So today I went to a Photography Exhibition around Derby in the UK, you may or may not know that I absolutely adore photography! It’s something that I can express myself with, every photo has a purpose, a memory, a reason. When I heard that there was a photography exhibition near where I live, I thought it would be a great day out just to have a look at what other photographers do and how they express what they see in everyday life. This exhibition has given me a lot of ideas for my own photography project.
I will also update you all on my own photography project that i’m doing at my 6th form college, I have picked the theme ‘manicure’ as I love doing loads of fashion and beauty based photography and just the word ‘manicure’ makes me think of a perfect looking model type person, in absolutely beautiful urban surroundings.

I went with my lovely mother to this exhibition and she treated us both to afternoon tea and cake, I had a lovely day out and I managed to sneak some shopping in there too; I love shopping. Well who doesn’t ayy. Well anyway, comment below if you love photography or if you just love looking at different types of photography. 
Much Love, 

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