My Favourite Decleor Products

Decleor ‘Aroma Night’ and Decleor ‘Phytopeel’:

I absolutely love the ‘Aroma Night’ product, it is a night balm and you apply it before you go to bed on any spots or any areas you normally gets spots. This balm is 100% natural and it clears up any black heads and spots. I use this all the time and I hardly get any spots but when I do they don’t last long because this balm brings them out and makes them a lot easier to get rid off. It leaves your skin feeling soft and radiant. The pots come in two different sizes and prices… The 15ml pot is £32.50 and the 30ml pot is £55. It is quite pricey but it does the job and lasts a long time. I have the 30ml pot because I use this every night and it does last a long time. I know spending £55 on some balm is a bit much but it is very good and clears your skin perfectly. 

My second favourite Decleor product is ‘Phytopeel’. It is a natural exfoliating cream, I apply this once or twice a week to get rid of any dead skin around my chin and nose area. It exfoliates and smoothes the skin, giving a nice clean glow after you have used it. You apply it to the areas you want to clear up and leave it to dry. Once it’s dried you scrub it off and rise with nice hot water. This only comes in one size of 15ml, it is £27.50. It is again quite pricey for a 15ml tube but it does last a long time as you don’t need to use that much when applying it. 

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