Just a little update and small Ikea Haul

Aloha lovelies <3

Just a quick update about my crazily busy week, so as you know from my ‘Hello’ post I go to a sixth form college and as summer is approaching very, very quickly; our summer exams are about to start, sigh! I have a total of 4 exams and some of you will probably be like ‘that isn’t many’ ‘I have more than that’ whatever it is you may be wondering, I get very stressed out over the exam period and try to revise as much as I can, so to me 4 exams is way to many to cope with. This week has hit me like a tonne of bricks, I have realised that my first exam is 1 week away and my next 2 are 3 weeks.. ahhh stress! They have crept up on me big time. I NEED TO REVISE, and so does everyone else who has exams this summer! So as much as I would like you to, stop reading this blog post and go and revise!!

So anyway after my very stressful week, worrying about exams; I couldn’t wait until friday! I took a trip out to ikea (one of my favourite places). Ikea is amazing, it has loads of different cheap affordable bargains, which are very hard to resist and I always buy things I don’t necessarily need. Well lets be honest who doesn’t?

As you can see from the photographs, some of these items I purchased I really don’t need, like the pink straws for example. I only wanted these because they we’re pink and looked super cute, ooops. For all of these items it came to a total of £6.50 and if you ask me, thats a bargain right there. Ikea is so so cheap and affordable, I just love it.

Feel free to leave me a comment, do you love Ikea as much as I do?

Thank you


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