Topshop and Boots Haul

So I recently went shopping and brought some lovely thing from Topshop and Boots. Im going to Italy on Thursday so I needed a few things for the trip. I am a massive shopaholic, take me shopping and i’ll spend hours in one shop trying on loads of clothes and spending an absolute fortune on things I don’t necessarily need. It’s a really bad addiction and recently it’s got worse and out of hand. I don’t trust myself to go shopping on my own, I always make sure someone is with me to stop me from buying useless crap and not waste my money. So I am very grateful to my friends who often come shopping with me. Thank you. 

1- Grey Jumper from TopShop
2- Black Leggings from TopShop
3- Face Wipes from TopShop
4- Black Footless tights from TopShop
5- Soap and Glory Body wash in the scent ‘Sugar Crush’
6- Butter yourself body butter
7- Travel size Soap and Glory scrub and body wash
8- Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner 

So… I went into Topshop and their new Spring range is absolutely gorgeous, I wanted to buy everything! But I managed to control myself and only pick out a few items to buy this time. I didn’t buy a lot from here but I can’t wait to wear what I brought throughout Spring and Summer. I say Spring but where is the sunshine and pretty flowers? It’s more like winter, in march.. This is crazy. 
Anyway my first item is this beautiful Grey jumper, It is a very loose fitted jumper that I would probably wear over a black strappy top and black leggings. It is a very thin material so it is a jumper that I will probably wear through Spring to the start of Summer. This is a size 10 and it is very loose and big. I found this jumper in the sale for about £20. I love finding cheap, good quality bargains. As you can see it looks quite stretchy but when it is on it fits perfectly around my arms and chest area. 
My next item is these lovely black leggings, they are quite thick and have a line down the sides. These are so comfy with an easy fit. These are size 10 also and fit perfectly on my legs and hips. I love these because I can wear them all year round with different tops and jumpers to suit the weather. These were about £18 and they are amazing quality. They hug my legs and thighs perfectly, there not too tight or restricting, they give your legs a lovely shape and figure. 
I would probably wear the grey jumper and black leggings together to create a nice loose, relaxed outfit. I would wear this to go shopping with friends or just as a casual outfit. I am really pleased with these two items, I can see them lasting me a long time and they are both easy colours that will go with mostly anything. 
I ran out of these makeup wipes so I just had to re-purchase them. They are an amazing product to have in your makeup bag as they are clean and fresh. I normally try out new makeup wipes once i’ve finished a packet but these we’re one of my top favourites that I just had to re-buy them. These are about £2.50 but they do last a long time so I don’t mind spending a bit more on these makeup wipes. 
My last TopShop item is a little bit boring but I really needed some new footless tights, I know footless tights can be classed as leggings but I needed some tight material ‘leggings’. These are amazing quality, they are really firm and strong. They are about £8 but I can see them lasting me ages. I got them in the size small and they seem to fit me just right, there not too big or too tight. For anyone who doesn’t know what footless tights are, they are basically tights with the foot bit cut off with elastic around the ankle part to keep them on and secure. 
After topshop I needed to go to Boots to re-purchase some Soap and Glory and Aussie products. Soap and Glory are an amazing brand for body wash, Moisturises and hand creams. They all smell absolutely gorgeous. I ran out of body wash so I brought a new one in the scent ‘Sugar Crush’, I saw that there was an offer that if you spent £10 or more you got a free body butter, so I brought some more little travel Body washes and scrubs to take on my holidays. As for Aussie I just love their selection of shampoos and conditioners. They make my hair really soft and shinny and leave it smelling absolutely gorgeous and fresh. This body wash smells so good, it smells of brown sugar and coca cola bottles. It is so fresh and makes you feel so clean and relaxed. The big bottles last a long time as they are really foamy so you don’t need a lot when washing your body. 
Number 6 is the free body butter. It is a really thick body cream, but it smells really nice and it leaves your body feeling really fresh and clean. It rubs into the skin really nicely and smooth. It is a great freebie to have. 
I brought these travel sized bottles of body wash and body scrub to take away with me. These are so cute and really easy to pack because their small. I love the smell of these it is so gorgeous and fresh. 

I love all of the different types of Shampoo and Conditioner Aussie do but as I have some light caramel highlights in my hair I tend to go for the colour protected shampoos and conditioners. I came across this Aussie ‘Colour mate’ shampoo and I have heard so many good reviews about this shampoo so I thought I should give it a try, I love it! It really protects the colour pigments in my hair, and makes them a lot brighter. I love this

shampoo because it helps the colour stay in and not fade. It smells so good and it leaves my hair feeling fresh and so soft. I recommend this shampoo for anyone who’s got coloured or highlighted hair. 
I brought the matching conditioner to the shampoo. The conditioner is just as good, it makes my hair extra soft and smooth. This also protects the colour pigments in my hair making it extra shinny and fresh. I love Aussie!

I apologise for the really long post, but there was just so much to say about these items I brought.
Comment below if you love any of the things I brought or if you have and agree with anything I have and said.
Much love,


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