March Favourites

I know that March isn’t over yet but I am going away on Thursday and won’t be back until April so I thought I might as well upload this post now. Hope you all like what I love at the moment and also comment below what you love this month and anything that you agree or disagree about my favourites.

1- Topshop Grey Jumper, Topshop Black Leggings. 
2- Sleek Blusher in the shade ‘Mirrored Pink’
3- Nars Lipgloss in the shade ‘Turkish Delight’
4- Soap and Glory Body Wash in the scent ‘Sugar Crush’ 
5- Patisserie De Bain Body Cream in the scent ‘Lemon Bon-Bon’
6- Strawberry laces and pennies 
7- Bridgit Mendler ‘Hello My Name Is’ Album
8- Prada Bag 

These are just a few of the things that i’m loving this month. 
I absolutely love clothes that I can just relax in but also count as a casual going out shopping outfit. I picked out my most recent purchases from Topshop because I think that they are so gorgeous and pretty to wear together. They are so comfy and light I just love wearing them. The grey jumper was about £20 -size 10 and the black leggings were about £18 -size 10 also. These are one of my favourite purchases from Topshop, i’m very happy with these items. 

My next March favourite is the sleek aqua collection ‘Mirrored Pink’ blusher. It is such a pretty pink. It is very pigmented but it gives a lovely shine and glow to the cheeks. It is a really good blusher to wear with a Smokey eye and light lips. This is from the aqua collection and was about £4. 

The Nars ‘Turkish Delight’ lipgloss is a very new purchase but I am really loving it at the moment so it just had to be one of my favourites for this month. It is a lovely light pink gloss, it gives a beautiful shine and smooth looking lips. The packaging is really easy to store and it is an easy item to have in your bag at all times. The Nars lipgloss’ range from about £17.50-£19.00. This one was £17.50 but it is a great quality lipgloss so I don’t mind spending that little bit extra. 

I love all of the Soap and Glory range but when they brought out the ‘Sugar Crush’ body wash I had to buy it straight away. I have heard so many good reviews about this body wash and I just had to try it out. It smells like coca cola bottles and brown sugar. It makes your skin feel so fresh and smooth. I use this all the time it is just a great product to have to make you feel fresh and clean. This is defiantly one of my favourite body washes. This body wash was about £6.

So this Patisserie De Bain Body Cream was given to me by my sister and I really love it. It has a very strong lemon scent but it is really refreshing and fresh. It goes on so smoothly and leaves your skin feelings so soft. It has a very vintage looking bottle, it is so cute and pretty. The packaging is really easy to store and it just looks so cute and beautiful. I really love this product. 

These sweets are my all time favourites. I love anything strawberry flavoured. I love the original strawberry pennies and the sour ones, the sour ones are just amazing. Strawberry laces taste so sweet. I have a massive addiction to these sweets, if you haven’t tried them I seriously recommend them. 

Bridgit Mendler ‘Hello My Name Is’ Album is a great album to listen to. I love Bridgit Mendler, this album has 15 different tracks and everyone of them is different and amazing. She does a lot of fast pace and up-beat songs but also the album has a couple slow down-beat tunes. My favourites are ‘Ready or Not’, ‘Forgot To Laugh’, ‘PostCard’ and ‘The Fall Song’. I would recommend this album to anyone who loves pop music. It is a great album to listen to. Go buy it! 

Ok so my last March favourite is my amazing Prada bag. I can’t leave the house without it. It is brown and has a gold zip along the middle, it is quite big and spacious inside. It has two short straps and one long shoulder strap. My sister brought me this from her trip to Dubai last summer. I haven’t stopped using it since, it has been one of my favourites for months now but because this is my first favourite blog post, I just had to share my love for this bag in my March favourites. 

These are all of the things that i’ve been loving this month, comment below anything you love and what your loving this month, I would love to hear what you guys are loving and I might even try a few of your favourite things if you give it a good review. 
Much Love,

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