Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm

Carmex moisturising lip balm:

I have quite dry lips, especially in the winter when the weather is really chilly, I have tried many different lip balms like vaseline etc but this one has really kept my lips nice and moist. When you first apply the balm it has a strange tingling feeling but that soothes and relieves your lips. I got this pot from Topshop and it was around £3, It’s not that cheap but it’s not too expensive either. You can buy it in a pot like the one in the picture or in a tube in liquid form, I prefer the pot to a liquid tube because I find that tubes are quite hard to apply and sometimes they can become really sticky and messy. Also this pot in really easy to store as its flat and small. This pot is called ‘Carmex Cherry Pot’ but they also do ‘Carmex mint tube’, ‘Carmex original tube’ and ‘Carmex lip balm tube’. Topshop sell a range of different tubes but only the cherry pot. 


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